Cegid Retail Y2 - Modules

Select functionalities as required and extend them as required

Cegid Retail Y2 is a modular POS system. There are only a few basic modules needed for immediate use. Additional modules can be easily added whenever required. That approach allows you to plan your project in steps, start with the basic functionality and add more as soon as your organisation is ready. Furthermore, this process gives you the freedom to react to market developments as soon as new trends emerge.

With Cegid Retail Y2 you can focus on the checkout or use the POS system as a complete retail solution that manages stock levels, replenishment, customer data, vouchers, personnel, budgets, conditions, various types of shops and companies. The functionality can be controlled by country, allowing you to work in different ways depending on country-specific requirements. And all this in a central, cloud-optimised database.

If you are missing certain functionality that is important for your business, the system can be adapted to your needs at any time. Cegid Retail Y2 is scalable. A small company with a few branches can be covered as well as a large, multinational retail group with hundreds or thousands of branches all over the world.


All available modules in Cegid Retail Y2


01. Omnicommerce-Management
1. Central Retail Administration
  • Store management from headquarters
  • Management of different stores (direct stores, concessions, franchises, shop-in-shops, etc.)
  • Store segmentation
2. Intercompany
  • Subsidiary record
  • Management of subsidiaries and counterpart flows
3. Franchise, concession and affiliate
  • Invoicing transfers
  • Invoicing sales
4. Wholesale Management
  • Trade price lists
  • Management of trade sales flows
  • Allocations
  • Trade of Goods Declaration
5. Omnichannel Process Management
  • Management of omni-channel flows
  • Click & collect
  • Pick-up in store
  • Store-to-web
  • In-store return of a web purchase


02. Merchandising & Inventory
1. Product Data Management
  • Merchandise, service, financial
  • Bill of materials - Dimensioned items
  • User Fields
  • Multi-classification
  • Linked items
  • Packing
  • Merging items
  • Serial Numbers
  • Mask-types
  • Multiple referencing
  • Batch management
2. Inventory Management
  • Transfer management
  • Inventory management
  • Management of special inputs/outputs (adjustments)
  • Multi-warehouse stores
  • Inventory statements and snapshots
  • Transfers valuation
3. Sales Pricing + Promotions
  • Retail price list
  • Price list generation program
  • Sales conditions
4. Replenishment
  • Min. & max. inventory
  • Replenishment suggestions for customer orders
  • Replenishment
  • Manual inventory rebalancing
  • Assortment management
5. Consignment
  • Management of consignment stock consigned by a supplier


03. Sourcing Management
1. Sourcing Management
  • Purchase prices
  • Purchase order management
  • Receipt management
  • Supplier return management
  • Pre-allotment of purchases by store
  • Countermark management
2. Purchasing Invoice Matching
  • Management of supplier invoice control and disputes
3. Sourcing Optimisation
  • Buying Process Optimisation


04. Store Operations
1. Travel Retail Management
  • Airport sales management
  • Duty-free sales
  • Boarding pass reader
2. Pick-up and delivery
  • Management of “to prepare” and “to deliver” orders
  • Management of delivery warehouses
3. POS Payment Connector
  • CPOS is a software layer that allows Y2 to communicate with register components such as printers, gift cards and EPT’s
4. Gift Card Connector
  • Integration of Ceridian SVS gift cards
5. Fingerprint Control Connector
  • Integration of finger print reader


05. Cegid Retail POS
1. Point of sales
  • Configurable register pad
  • Authentication of salespeople
  • Daily brief
  • Multicurrency management
  • Alert management
  • Line-based salesperson management
  • Return management (with or without control)
  • Standalone mode management
  • Safe and bank remittance management
  • Sales indices
  • Multi-part payments
  • Easy printing customisation
2. Cegid Retail Shopping
  • New modern POS UI
3. Inventory Tracking
  • Android App for stock taking and receiving goods
4. Cegid Retail Y2 MPOS
  • Cegid POS on an IOS platform
5. Fingerprint Control Connector
  • Integration of finger print reader


06. Customer Relationship Management
1. CRM
  • Customer record
  • User fields
  • Multi-addresses
  • Contact management
  • Segmentation
  • 360 vision
  • List of calls
  • Customer mailing
  • Marketing campaigns and information collection
  • Duplicate customer merge tool
2. Loyalty
  • Management of loyalty campaign programs
  • Card initialisation options
  • Acquisition options
  • Benefit options
  • Options for program change
3. After Sales Service
  • Management of all phases of the item repair process
  • Internal/external workshop management
4. Custom Order Management
  • Using Stores as and additonal warehouse
5. Loans
  • Management and traceability of all inventory outputs related to merchandise loans
  • Reports on loaned items
6. Customer Information Checking Connector
  • Experian QAS address checking connector


07. Workforce Management
1. Staff Disc & Clothing Allowance
  • Programs of special conditions allocated separately to certain customers (VIPs, staff, etc.)
  • Individual restrictions for each customer eligible for these conditions
  • Limit management
  • Clothing management
2. In-Store Staff Scheduling
  • Register and salesperson management
  • User-defined classification
  • Salesperson schedule management
  • Clock-in/Clock-out


08. Budgeting & Forecasting
1. Objectives & budgets
  • Generation and entry of objectives based on the historical transactional data - Monitoring of progress in relation to sales forecasts


09. Retail Intelligence
1. Plug in Foundation
  • Technical basis of the tool
2. Dashboard Self Service
  • Register and salesperson management
  • User-defined classification
  • Salesperson schedule management
  • Clock-in/Clock-out


10. Finance & Controlling
1. Cost price calculation
  • Cost price calculation via cost groups


11. Country Compliance
1. Global Compliance Management
  • Country and language availability
  • New fiscal reqirements/updates


12. Tools
1. Cegid Business Studio
  • Specific development tool. Developments may be produced by the Cegid engineering department or directly by the customer or partner, following training
2. Reporting Studio
  • Report generator that can be used to customise documents and reports
  • Receipt generator that can be used to customise receipts
3. Environment Configuration Tool
  • Cegid Data Spread
  • This tool can be used to compare and propagate configuration settings between two Y2 environments (e.g. a testing environment and a production environment, or between continent databases)
4. Web Services Package
  • License for using Core Business web services outside an e-commerce integration
5. File Exchange Management
  • Import/export tool
6. Cegid Retail Orchestrator
  • Standalone tool that can be used for system and application monitoring, and for scheduling, running and verifying tasks between Cegid applications or systems
  • Can also be used to run and verify Columbus/Y2 cohabitation

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