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Easter greeting

Living and working in times of the Corona crisis

Like most companies, MS POS is strongly affected by the current situation. Many of our customers have closed their restaurants or shops and for most projects they have taken a break or they have been completely stopped. Of course, this is understandable and comprehensible, everyone must first focus on the survival of their own business. We expect that it will be a few months before the situation will stabilise. Even though some stores will open in April or May, customers' trust has to be strengthened in order to be able to spend money. For example, we are currently planning that the demand will not return to pre-crisis levels until after the summer. In order to bridge this difficult time well, we also use the possibilities that the government provides us with.

On the other hand, we also try to respond flexibly to our customers during this time and to react and help where it is possible. Internally, we use the changed situation to work on some projects or what remains to be left behind or to train ourselves in the individual departments. Fortunately, we had built a solid IT infrastructure before the crisis, so that the switch to home office, telcos or videoconferencing does not cause stomach pain – from the technical point of view. From the human point of view, however, we miss personal contacts with colleagues, coexistence, even if only the joint chat in the morning, the coffee break or lunch. So that all this is not neglected, we also take alternative paths here and at least try to keep everyone up to date with regular telcos. In the meantime, an evening beer video conference was also able to establish itself among the employees and create a very special spirit and cohesion.

We are confident that if we take the precautions into account and continue to treat each other fairly and helpfully, we will all survive this crisis together. We wish you all health, patience and confidence and look forward to the time after that.

Happy Easter and stay healthy!