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Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Cloud Based Business Solution

Microsoft Dynamics - SchaubildSales, customer service, finance, field service, marketing, logistics... constant changes and developments in the market and the economy require that the processes within your company become more productive, more adaptable and more efficient.
Therefore, Microsoft technology is moving in a totally new direction and now offers a comprehensive business solution in which CRM, ERP, POS BI and Office are combined, yet are still available as individual, modular solutions. Microsoft cloud offers the possibility to choose only the modules you currently need while remaining flexible for future expansion, as all solutions are scalable. And the best part: You only pay for that which you need.

We have compiled here some information on the main product features. We include links to the Microsoft website, where you will find more details on Microsoft Dynamics 365: www.microsoft.com/de-de/dynamics365/home.
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A Comprehensive Solution for more Cost-Efficient Customer Relations and Complete Shopping Experiences

Microsoft Dynamics AX/365: ShoppingWith Microsoft Dynamics 365, medium-sized and large retailers get a professional, comprehensive solution for the point of sale (POS), branch management, omnichannel management, e-commerce, merchandising, CRM and ERP. It provides greater transparency, operational agility and customer expectations are exceeded, bringing long-term customer loyalty - all this with an impressive time-to-value factor. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a modern technology platform that holistically supports powerful, role-based and inter-channel scenarios. The result: less complexity. Instead, retailers can concentrate on the important things, such as supporting their workforce with regard to productivity and customer service - the two main factors of success in today's markets.

Solutions for Agile Retailers

The current economic environment offers retailers around the globe opportunities that have never been seen before, while posing some new challenges. Economic and social factors, an ever expanding range of products, new forms of shopping and business models arising from the growth of cloud and mobile technologies, as well as the ubiquitous availability of information, all mean that retailers are facing ever increasing demands from shoppers. At the same time, the focus has shifted from stationary locations to the diverse areas of a virtual world - from a trader's website and its service center to online market places and social networks.

Technology as a basis for the retail business has never been so vital. It determines to which degree sellers profit from new opportunities and whether they can provide the shopping experiences that are demanded by the consumer. With Dynamics 365, traders get a real-world, innovative solution which enables them to operate dynamically and to exceed the expectations of their customers.

Dynamics 365 is a modern, holistic solution for medium-sized and larger businesses, which reduces the complexity of retailing. It enables you to concentrate on the important things - customer relations, increasing the efficiency of your workforce and fulfilling your corporate pledge through first-class service.

In short: Dynamics 365 enables you to operate within networks, individually, proactively and with the agility to give your customers exactly the right shopping experience.

Networked: Higher Values in Shorter Times

  • Developed from the ground up for the new challenges in retail
    • The holistic solution gives instant transparency for all processes - from branch store to headquarters and through the whole supply chain.
    • To reduce complexity, hardware, user interfaces and employee profiles are controlled from a central location.
  • Network your branch staff
    • Optimize teamwork in your company through self-service portals for branch staff and suppliers.
    • Real omnichannel teamwork and order processing through seamless integration in online shops - precise, fast and consistent.
  • Use the advantages of market places and social commerce
    • The cloud-based Commerce Service supports new forms of customer interaction and presence through online marketplaces.
    • Social networks can be used as valuable new sources of sales, customer feedback and digital marketing - simply integrate Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Twitter into the channel strategy.

Agile and Proactive: Seize Chances, Reduce Risks

Agil und Proaktiv
  • Improve your ability to react
    • Definition and control of cross-channel scenarios to provide customers with a consistent service.
    • Through transparency in all sales channels, supply chains can be finely-tuned and customer satisfaction increased.
  • Control simple upgrades
    • Through consistent program interfaces, greater usability than previous software installations is achieved and innovations are promoted. Thereby the further development and adaption of the company is catered for.
  • You take care of simple scaling
    • The expandable design optimizes workflows and supports differentiation from the competition.
    • Growth through new formats and the conquest of new markets - through a global, cross-border solution.

Individual: Increase Acceptance, Strengthen Customer Ties

Individuell: Akzeptanz steigern, Kunden binden
  • Improve the service
    • In order to make interactions more personal and to promote customer ties, the user interfaces of portable end devices can be adapted to exact requirements.
    • Employees can directly access customer and product information and thereby give individually tailored service.
  • Strengthen user acceptance
    • RapidStart, the upgrade advisor and other powerful tools enable simple, template-based configuration.
    • Acceptance of the solution is promoted by trade-specific roles and security settings.
    • Rely on the trusted Microsoft user interface and the integration into other Microsoft technologies - you get a solution that is easy to install, to learn to use, to operate and to administer.
  • Provide a productive working environment
    • Role-specific interfaces improve security, exactness and efficiency of service. Through tailored Role Centers, employees have direct access to all relevant tools and information. At the same time, workflows are optimized and the need for training reduced.