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Omni-Channel Management

Omnichannel - Highlights von MS-POS
  • Omni-Channel Management
    • A single commerce run-time engine gives full visibility and management control across your channels: brick and mortar stores, eCommerce sites, mobile, social commerce, and more.
    • Cross-channel scenarios—“buy online/pick up in store”—enhance customer convenience. Retail channel integration with online marketplaces and stores creates new opportunities for customer interaction and feedback.
    • Sites enable product/service quotes, recruiting, ad promotion and more in the cloud.
    • Integrate assortment and category management with online channels.
  • Flexible POS
    • Item detail pages provide rich product details from multiple channels/sources, while custom content from any source can be inserted directly into the POS interface to drive powerful customer experiences.
    • Purpose-built POS components are natively integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with fault tolerance to capture transactions when store connectivity is lost.
    • “Drag-and-drop” designer allows POS UI customization by role to enhance customer service and help reduce training time for new employees.
    • Powerful capabilities include on-account, global voucher, returns management, info codes, returns/voids/markdowns, inventory receipt/lookup/counts, real-time customer record and loyalty program updates, blind close, timeclock, and floating till.

Store Operations - Merchandising

Filialbetrieb - Highlights von MS POS
  • Centralized Store Management
    • Centralized POS terminal management includes visual and functional profiles, user interface layouts, and employee permissions.
    • Consistent store/ERP data model and business rules facilitate accurate, timely data.
    • Powerful data replication helps ensure critical updates across the organization: configurable, flexible inventory and financial updates, sales order payments, gift card usage, and issuance/use of loyalty points.
    • Manage staff at the store, regional, and global levels with flexible tools.
  • Powerful Merchandising
    • Optimize for profitability with pricing flexibility: flexible discounts, coupons, group/item/customer discounts, mix-and-match, and buy-one-get-one scenarios.
    • Take advantage of powerful assortment management including creation, scheduling, tracking, leveraging n-level deep item hierarchies and category management.


  • On-line Storefront and Content Management
    • Fully integrated on-line storefront with content management via industry standard tools.
    • Unique search-based technology builds on-line experience from managed content, authored content, catalogs, and more to deliver the most accurate, timely and consistent experience.
    • Historical click pattern and device recognition ensure that content is personal and relevant.
  • Centralized eCommerce Management
    • All aspects of storefront management—hierarchies, categories, refiners, payments, shopping cart, order fulfillment, shipping, and more—managed by Microsoft Dynamics at retail headquarters, fully integrated out of the box.
    • Complete catalog management in Microsoft Dynamics significantly reduces complexity, coding.
    • Eliminate middleware, non-standard integration, and challenges with order fidelity.

Customer Care and Social Commerce

Social Commerce
  • Customer Care
    • Identify trends and offer personalized service with access to real-time, actionable data.
    • Use shared document repositories to maintain a comprehensive history of the customer, from initial contact through subsequent interactions, and make it available throughout the organization.
  • Social Commerce
    • Implement promotions, discounts, coupons, and more via social sites; enable recall and/or redemption through other channels.
    • Track relevant demographic detail from redeemed promotions via marketplaces and social networks for customer data mining and analytics.

Omni-Channel Order Management - Replenishment

Order Management
  • Order Management
    • Create orders and quotations—pulling inventory from any channel or location—without leaving the customer’s side, using POS-based order support capabilities.
    • Accept, fulfill and track standard and special orders with a 360-degree business view.
    • Manage and apply required tax schemas.
    • Perform price and inventory checks and manage inventory reservations.
  • Replenishment
    • Replenish seamlessly across any channel based on strategy or need.
    • Manage inventory transfers and intercompany flows with an end-to-end view.
    • Comprehensively manage purchasing, requisition, and replenishment processes.
    • Optimize purchasing and replenishment: purchase quantities based on size, color, and style; use replenishment processes, including cross-docking, to suggest item distribution between stores, with immediate transfer journal updates.

Designed for the Enterprise

  • Global Reach and Scalability
    • Adapt quickly to changing business requirements with the commerce run-time engine and extensible HQ software.
    • Model and manage your complex organization easily without compromising flexibility.
    • Scale your solution as business grows; add stores and distribution centers locally and internationally; add users and sites with three-tier architecture and interoperability with other Microsoft products.
    • Easily operate across geographies and locations with flexible deployment options and built-in support for 38 countries and 40 languages.
    • Proactively monitor activities that could potentially damage the company’s reputation by using workflow, policy, and audit rules capabilities.
    • Capitalize on new opportunities with a web services framework that is simple and affordable to add, build, and expand profitable partner relationships.
  • Hardware and Payment Compliance
    • Support retail industry standards, including OPOS, to maximize POS hardware and peripheral choice.
    • Manage PCI data security standards compliance and ongoing support.
  • Investment Optimization
    • Realize productivity and data integrity gains through interoperability with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft products.
    • Take advantage of our unified natural model, three-tier architecture, and the Visual Studio 2010 integrated development environment to efficiently build business process enhancements and manage end-to-end processes.

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