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Order Management

Specialized retail benefits from sophisticated POS systems

The competition for financially strong customers is rough. In order to be ahead , these consumers must be offered a special added value. With the status quo, this is often not manageable, so you can use current trends, such as omnichannels, to position themselves more broadly and to make the most of the possibilities of the different channels. As a component, this includes order management and the consideration of using the branch much more than a sales room. With the right technical support, this becomes possible.

How exactly can it still be possible to retain customers? This question is certainly one of the key business challenges of the coming years. One factor for success will be the wow effects on the part of customers, who ensure that they are emotionally tied to a brand due to the exceeded expectations. How to trigger them? Among other things, with an exquisite service that is unparalleled.

This is precisely what leads to the current topic of order management (OM), which is mainly due to the fact that many people are becoming increasingly aware of the added value that customers can offer through optimized order management. Anyone who thinks about placing orders now does not think far enough. The view must go beyond , to what is possible today and what customers expect. At the latest now, the keyword multichannel, or omnichannel, should fall, because the cross-channel business model is no longer future music, but the uniform customer experience should be part of the standard of a company nowadays.

Especially from the specialized retail, customers expect the certain extra, which distinguishes quality from standard as well as luxury from no-name. It is precisely at this point that these retail vendors, especially fashion brands, luxury labels and other lifestyle manufacturers, have the perfect opportunity for the important added value in service in order to retain customers in the long term: the branch as a small, independent economic system.

The store, more than a pure salesroom
Many stores are pure outlets for the existing products. If these are sold, the stock is empty until the next delivery. This may take time depending on delivery times. The customer remains disappointed and turns to the competition, which often operates its branch just a stone's throw away.

That is precisely what must not happen. According to the motto: Never miss a Sale, a store has to do everything possible to prevent the customer from leaving the door without a shopping experience. Sounds simple, but behind it is a holistic mind-change with the following points:

  • The space is used to show the wide range. The customer should be able to see, touch and smell the goods here, his senses should be satisfied here in order to stimulate the purchase.
  • The branch functions as a warehouse, i.e. all branches are closely networked with each other and can help each other with goods.
  • The customer is looked after all around, but does not have to buy on site. If he has chosen a product, he can have it delivered directly to his home. This way, the customer no longer has to carry anything.
  • The branch functions as an organizational point for other channels, such as e-commerce: this can mean packing and shipping existing goods directly on site.

All this together means that the customer gets a great added value - on site and online. The service depends on his shopping habits, his needs and his comfort. Thus, the customer and his needs come into the focus of every branch, which in turn does everything possible to guarantee the best possible all-round service with added value.

Check status quo, organize changes

This holistic mind-change requires some prerequisites for the change to a standalone branch to work. First of all, the local situation must be checked, because these are decisive about success. For example, this new type of store organization requires an office from which you can work undisturbed.

The presentation area is oriented according to the new standards and reflects them. In other words, the assortment will be broadened, the individual pieces will be presented. The purpose: The customer should discover the product on site and capture it with all his senses, but then buy it online. This means for the store that, for example, that every shirt is only in one size available, so that the customer finds one shirt in the requested color and another in the requested size and combines this in his desired product online.

The employees are of immense importance, because the new concept gives them a completely different role. In addition to customer consulting, which continues to play an important part, they also act as an interface with technology to control the entire organization, sales, shipping, channels and more in real time.

The optimal POS
However, those conditions are not entirely without an OM which satisfies those specific retail requirements. Of course, you can use a typical SAP product as a branch system, but these are far too extensive to efficiently implement the specially required processes.
This requires a slimmer version, which is easy to use and which is based on retail specifications. Finally, all employees must be able to complete the individual workflows with just a few clicks. This is the only way to entrust short-term workers or assistants with the system without investing in immense training.
The next problem is the linguistic and temporal barrier. Many companies in the luxury, fashion and similar sectors are internationally positioned and operate many different stores worldwide. If they all have to coordinate, the chosen system should make all this possible in many languages in a efficient time. This is the only way to ensure a smooth workflow.

What sounds like a challenge has already been successfully solved by various POS systems. Cegid Retail Y2 is an example of such a retail solution because it can implement the processes in a POS software without the need for separate and specialized logistics software. As a result, Cegid Retail Y2 covers all channels from E-commerce, Merch SCM, BI analytics, sales marketing and store system.

As a branch system aimed at specialized retailers, it can be integrated in any environment. The system is characterized by simple operation and has already been implemented in more than 75 countries. Thanks to the approximately 25 integrated languages, international companies are also able to work with them without any problems. Thanks to its special architecture, it has exactly the functionality you need in the industry to do the work by accessing all the necessary data around items or customers and a few clicks.

As a robust, unified trading platform with cloud connection, Cegid Retail Y2 thus implements all business processes in the stores.
These many advantages make it understandable that well-known companies such as the outdoor clothing manufacturer Regatta or the fragrance and skin care brand Aesop already use this retail system in their stores.

Beautiful new consumer world?
Nowadays we are not talking about a glass customer for nothing, because companies collect all sorts of data from a wide variety of sources. This flood of data not only means comfort for the customer, it also raises a question: What is the future? Experts believe that consumers are slowly becoming aware of how much data they are revealing every day – and what that means for them.

The consumer will row back, to share less information, and if so, only to selected providers to whom he is trusted and to whom he feels emotionally bound. Companies should prepare for this development by focusing on their service and customer loyalty through added value in comfort. To do this, they need a holistic concept by integrating order management as a component. In order to address this concept and the associated changeover, it is necessary to look for partners who know and understand the business, and want to shape this development.

If you are unsure whether and how you want to tackle this mind-change for your company, you can rely on the external know-how of consultants. Here, too, there are companies that know the special challenges of internationally operating companies in the specialized retail sector and know how to support them best. No one here should be afraid to rely on an objective view, because the competition does not sleep either. And in this day and age, it's just one click away!