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e-commerce integration for Dynamics 365

Products: storetalkThanks to the new e-commerce integration for Dynamics 365 storetalk can perfectly support platforms such as Magento, Presta, Allegro, ebay or Amazon.

The special feature of the new e-commerce integration development is that storetalk sends all relevant article and customer information to the aforementioned e-commerce platforms and processes the appropriately placed orders in dynamics 365 in such a way, that new customer accounts, orders and payment methods are created automatically and at the same time various Omnichannel scenarios are executed automatically. Thus, the orders accepted in e-commerce are also visible at the stationary cash registers almost online.

All highlights at a glance

  • storetalk supports not only dynamics 365, but also AX 2012 R3 and AX 7
  • storetalk is available as -on premise order- cloud version
  • storetalk is offline capable
  • storetalk is set up in a short time without having to interfere with the Dynamics 365 or 2012 code
  • storetalk can support multiple platforms in parallel
  • storetalk is scalable and can be used in various setups
  • storetalk supports the Omnichannel processes of MS Dynamics 365

storetalk: 3 columns graphic

storetalk supports also

  • Various delivery methods
  • Various payment methods
  • Products with multiple variants
  • Price lists
  • Loyalty programs
  • Discount coupons
  • Gift cards
  • Promotional campaigns

Current Release

  • checking order status
  • erroneous transaction handling
  • automatically synchronization of product photos to e-commerce (thru media server)
  • user interface
  • full implementation of Magento 2.0 API
  • support of coupons
  • two payment methods (card and cash on delivery)
  • additional payment method (Klarna)
  • integration with shipping carriers
  • synchronization of: products to e-commerce, customer from/to e-commerce, prices, customer orders, shipping methods, tax groups, product catalogues/categories, discounts
  • omnichannel customer synchronization
  • omnichannel order synchronization
  • no programming on either side of integrated products
  • basic-support of allegro, ebay and amazon (sales orders)
  • additional shipping methods
  • multiple variant products